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Travelling for work? Use EquiNation to notify your clients and potential clients of the date you will be available in the new area.

The equestrian trainer or riding instructor profile is designed for trainers of all disciplines, whether you are available to give lessons, or for breaking and schooling, even grooming, biomechanic, or rider confidence training there's an option for you.  You can add photos of your riding and training as well as explain about your experience and qualifications, the profile also includes options for location, if you can travel, or if you have horses available for lease to be used in lessons if clients do not have their own horse.

Whether you are a private stable, livery yard, or a riding school, there is a place on EquiNation for you. You can enter you location as well as select all the facilities you have, such as an indoor school, grass turn out or track system or horse walker or access to great hacking. Yard managers can also show what extras they have such as whether hay and feed is included or if grooms are available. Potential clients can then find you by searching for the facilities and services they want.

Every horse rider and owner needs a farrier, whether it's custom therapeutic shoes to help relieve their horses discomfort or a barefoot trimmer for the barefoot horse or even just a standard set of shoes, EquiNation has a profile that allows farriers to select exactly what they can offer and in what regions as well as the option to upload photos of your work.

Not all dentists were created equal. As an equine dental technician you can upload photos of your work, include a short bio of your experiences and expertise as well as include your location, and working hours. 

Alternative non invasive equine therapies are hugely important to horse welfare and performance, EquiNation allows you to create a profile that shows exactly the type of therapy you offer, where it can be done, whether at the stable or if you have specialist facilities, such as a water treadmill available. You can upload images of the tools you use as well as examples of you working. There is also a short bio so you can explain more about the services and treatments you offer as well as mentioning your experience and qualifications

The Veterinarian profile is for individual vets and Veterinary practices specialising in equine medicine. You can add your name or the name of your practice, select the specialisms available whether its general medicine, emergency call outs, colic, lameness, or specialist surgery. You can upload photos and write a short description of the practice history or individual experience. 

Transporting a horse is hard, but is something horse riders and owners usually do quite often. If you are adding a transport profile you can show what you offer, from national to international transport, or horsebox or lorry hire, if there are drivers and grooms available or if self drive vehicles are available. You can also upload photos of your vehicles and include in your bio your experience, resources  and precautions takes to ensure the safe transportation of peoples valuable pets and competition horses. 

Do you offer equestrian getaways or riding holidays? Whether it's a relaxing beach holiday, woodland or mountain hacking or even working holidays with daily lessons, as long as there are horses involved you can add your holiday destination to the app, state whether riders can bring their own horse or rent one on site, and whether accommodation is included or at a separate venue.  You can also upload pictures to show off you facilities or views.

The saddler profile is available for businesses and individuals selling saddles as well as businesses and individuals offering saddle fit services or saddle adjustments. You can upload photos of items for sale or of you working when fitting or adjusting a saddle. You can also write a short bio about yourself or your business

It has become more apparent due to research in recent years that the fit if a bit and bridle can have significant effects on a horses way of going or performance. With EquiNation you can offer you expertise to advice horse riders and owners of the best bit for their horse and ensure the bit and bridle are fitted correctly, you can upload photos of you at work or examples of good and badly fitted bits and bridles as well as including a bio about what you and what you do.

Horse riders and owners are always looking for advice on the best things to feed their horse, whether it be calming or weight gain they are after, happy hackers or 5* competitions, you can add your profile today with a bio explaining your qualifications and experience as well as specifics such as the areas you will visit and whether you are available for online or telephone consultations. 


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