CBD Oil- What is it?

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Welcome to the EquiNation Blog, this week we are exporing CBD Oil, what is? And what is it used for? To learn about CBD oil we spoke to Annette O'donnell from the CBD Consultancy and learnt about her exprience with CBD Oil. Which actually coincided with the CBD month, raising awareness and promoting the benefits of CBD oil!

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About Annette

Every mammal – deserves to maintain optimal health in a pure and natural way whether it be for a physical or emotion health issue – although sometimes they are both connected.

I personally, first discovered the profound health benefits of the Hemp based CBD oil on my recent journey and recovery from aggressive breast cancer. With existing MS diagnosis my immune system would never be able to get me through the treatment plan if it included chemotherapy. Fortunately, I came across a USA based Cancer charity that suggested CBD oil as it has proven benefits with the issues I was facing. Two years later and I am in full glorious health with no chemo – and no further treatments required. So for me the CBD oil regulated my cellular health to optimal health and I am forever grateful.

Within the last 2 years I have become an ambassador for this product that can be used to support all mammals including Horses. I am connected to, and work with animal professionals – Stud Farm owners and Horse owners globally too.

Like humans - horses, have endocannabinoid systems which contain cannabinoid receptors located in the brain, immune system, and organs. As a result, horses' bodies are able to absorb the cannabinoid CBD. The system is made up of only two types of receptors, CB1 and CB2, horses have an endocannabinoid system with receptors that react naturally with the CBD oil.

CBD oil is now widely used by people and their pets - to aid in natural healing and relief, and it has a wide range of benefits for all !

CBD Oil can be taken by both horses and humans

How can it help your horse?

Equestrians are using CBD to support their horse's quality of life. Recent cases suggests CBD may offer improvements on your horse's digestion, metabolism, immune function, mobility, pain, anxiety, and stress. Clients who have decided to try CBD for their horses have offered very positive feedback. Inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis and ulcerations are showing improvement.

Recent cases show that the most common health problems affecting horses include:

  • Arthritis: Horses are naturally active animals. As they get older, it is very common for horses to experience degeneration of their joints, especially in the fetlock and knees.

  • Anxiety: Separation issues and fear based emotions are issues that also affect the physical behaviour and symptoms of many health challenges

  • Gastric Ulcers: Gastric ulcers are very painful and can affect a horse's appetite, appearance, and nature.

  • Desmitis: This condition is characterized by the inflammation of a ligament, usually the suspensory, and collateral ligaments in the legs and coffin joint. The most common symptom of desmitis is lameness.

  • Laminitis: Laminitis is characterized by chronic inflammation of the laminae, a small soft tissue structure found in the hoof that causes severe pain.

  • Colic: Resulting from various issues that causes severe pain in the abdomen.

CBD oil is one of the most versatile Natural Health wellness products having shown to help relieve all of the above conditions, and can be administered to your horse with ease. Most CBD oils come with a dropper, making it easy to administer precise dosages to pets.

How much does a horse need?

Specific guidelines are offered within most consultations with a reputable CBD Educators and distributors. The measurements is in drops from a dropper placed either in food or directly in the mouth – amount based on horse size & weight

Not all CBD oil suppliers are equal

Research has shown that hemp based CBD oil is the best, so look look for the purest, organic and natural Hemp based CBD oil.

  • 100% NATURAL - look out for certified organic products. Products that are not all-natural or organic could have been treated with a toxic array of pesticides and other chemicals, including solvents.

  • THIRD-PARTY LAB TESTE - look out for the company’s COA (certificate of analysis). This certificate will allow you to see what is in your product, and you will be able to certify the authenticity and quality of the product. Since the influx of interest, companies looking to make easy money have begun selling compromised products, or even just traces of hemp oil to the public. Reputable companies will have a COA readily available.

  • HEMP SEAL of approval - ask to see Legislation and Product quality proof.

  • CBD PRICING - with the market saturated with different products and companies, you have a fairly wide price range. But before you grab the cheapest deal, remember this; with CBD, you pay for quality. That doesn’t mean that the most expensive product will be the highest quality. It means that the higher price range will offer you a higher quality in general.

  • REFUND POLICY - To have a refund policy brings confidence to the buyer as nothing to lose but everything to gain.

If you would like to learn more about CBD oil you can contact Annette O’Donnell Animal owner CBD Educator on (+44) 07890 575828 or visit or

Disclaimer* CBD oil is currently illegal in the UAE

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