Masterson Method

In this blog we learn about what is Masterson Method, how is it performed and how can it help your horse? Clair Beech, a certified Masterson practitioner tells us all about her passion that she has turned into a career.

All about Masterson Method

Masterson Method is a form of equine bodywork that uses the nervous system to relieve tension in the junctions of the body most important for performance. It is appropriate for any horse, and works ‘with’ the horse to gain trust.

It is not chiropractic but works well with chiropractic or osteopathic treatments.

Using the method identifies changes in the body language that show :

  • Where the horse is holding tension.

  • When the tension is released

  • When a performance - limiting issue might be developing

Through Masterson Method, tension is released in deep core and postural muscles.

Masterson’s range of motion techniques release restricting tension in the poll, neck, withers, back, sacroiliac and the legs.

When deep tension is released and the muscles controlling major joints of the body can fully relax and contract again:

  • Range of motion is restored in the major joints of the horses body

  • Increased range of motion improves length and evenness in stride, lateral reach and overall gymnastic ability

  • Suppleness and strength needed for proper impulsion, collection, bend and the cores ability to lift through the withers and back are enhanced.

  • As physical resistance and bracing are reduced or eliminated, resistance behaviour subsides, horses become happier and more willing.

Equine bodywork can reduce harmful accumulated muscular tension that develops through the horse’s work, or illness, or injury and can be beneficial for the horse’s overall well-being.

These images show how Claire gently manipulates the horses legs and neck, stretching them out and waiting for the release of any tension that may be stored in the horses body.

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