Reiki- What is it and how can it help?

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

This week we caught up with Lorraine a Reiki practitioner to find out more about it. personally although I have heard of Reiki I have no experience of it and had no idea it could be used on our equine friends.

About Lorraine

My name is Lorraine Jackson and I am from England but have lived in Dubai for 18 years.

I left school as soon as I could and qualified as a BHS riding instructor, but then spent many years working in yards with competition horses across many different disciplines including racing, point-to-point, show-jumping, polo, driving and top level show ponies. I gained so much experience on training horses and maintaining their health and happiness for them to be able to perform at the desired level. 

Lorraine at work doing Reiki

Introduction to Reiki

Having worked with horses for many years I became interested in "Energy Healing' as a way to be able to help people and their chosen horses or animals to have stronger and better relationships. I am particularly interested in the relationship between the animal and their special person and often a Reiki session for both is the key to restoring balance and harmony for everyone. Sometimes we can find ourselves in a situation where despite a good level of stable management and a professional approach to ridden work and routine a horse will display signs of anxiety such as undesirable traits and attitudes whilst being ridden or stable vices like cribbing or even repeated poor health for no clear reason. 

We can also notice anxiety in our pets with changes in their behaviour, maybe the dog starts to continually bark, a once friendly cat becomes aggressive, a hamster or rabbit starts to hide more often.

Lorraine demonstrating Reiki

When we left the UK and moved to Dubai I went back into teaching and ran the Desrt Palm Pony Club for many seasons, I particularly enjoy lessons with children, both ridden and in stable management as I feel it is so important that young people learn the vital skills that are required in caring for the horse as a whole, and for us to truly enjoy our riding we need to know that our horse is healthy and happy. 

I found Reiki as I was looking for a new and holistic way to be able to give back to horses. I trained for my human Reiki here in the UAE and returned to England for my Equine Healing Diploma and Animal Reiki qualifications. Just like humans, horses can bank up stress and anxiety often without us or them even realising. During a Reiki session the horse usually becomes deeply relaxed and this is the moment that allows the healing to begin. In these photos you can see how the horses allow themselves to drift away and truly relax in the session.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient form of holistic energy healing originating in Japan. Translated Reiki simply means 'Universal Energy'. A reiki session can help to unblock areas of 'stuck' energy in the body of a person or animal and encourages the body to heal itself. The Reiki practitioner connects with the universal healing energy and becomes the vessel to pass on the healing energies.

A horse showing how relaxed they become during a Reiki session

These are some of the ways in which an energy healing session can be beneficial:

- Relaxes the body and reduces stress

- Strengthens the immune system

- Aids better sleep and manages fatigue

- Reduces pain and clears toxins

- Relieves symptoms of illness

- Promotes natural self-healing

- Improves physical,emotional and mental well-being

- Helps with the grieving process

- Helps people and animals during times of transition

All animals and people hold memories in the body, and over time these can manifest into energy blocks which stop the natural flow through both the physical and energy bodies. Reiki helps to release the blocks and encourages the body to heal. The beauty of Reiki is that it can be carried out at any time and in any situation as no specialist equipment is required.

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