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Updated: Sep 27, 2020

WE all love taking photos of our horse, right? After all, they are very precious to us, and it's important to capture those special moments, however we don't always have a professional photographer on hand to help get the perfect shot. So we have enlisted the help of Abbi Grief, a professional equine photographer to give you some tips on how to take the best photos of your horse at home.

Abbi Grief, Equine Photography

Introducing Abbi

Hi I’m Abbi, proud owner and photographer here at Abbi Grief Photography based in the UK. I specialise in equine and pet photography and add my own quirky style of editing to really make my images pop. I pride myself on my alternative approach on equine imagery by capturing those moments in time to create truly wonderful works of art. My work has been described as dramatic, powerful, recognisable and well... a bit different. Today I will be sharing some of my top tips on how to take better photos of your horse at home. From composition to getting creative! Let’s do this!

Abbi Grief, Equine Photography

Taking the best photograph of your horse at home 1. Composition is key. When lining up your shot be sure not to clutter your backdrop too much. This can result in your images being too busy and will draw attention away from your main subject. Have a good look around at your surroundings, maybe you can use a building as a backdrop... or maybe that pretty line of trees, the possibilities are endless. One of my personal favourites is to get down on the ground and take photographs through long grass – which will talk more about in the next point. 2. Get low Now – anyone who has had a photoshoot with me will know that I spend most of my time on the floor.... yep, you guessed it,  I’m suggesting that you lay down to capture certain photos. The lower the better though when it comes to taking wide angled shots. This is were you can take advance of army crawling through the grass to get the perfectly angled photograph.  Now, please only do this when it is safe to do so, as we don’t want any accidents do we! This is where I would suggest having someone help you to make this a safe environment to work in. 3. Have someone help you. Let’s be real here – a lot of the shots we get as photographers wouldn’t be possible without the many hands behind the scenes. From the handlers, to the people who shake feed buckets, to the people who continuously jump up and down to get those forward ears, it all helps. Having someone to help position your horse is a massive help. Use a long lead rope which will enable your handler to take a good few steps back from your horse enabling you to get full body shots of your horse. Let’s face it – the more people you have join in, the more fun it can be!   4. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Take yourself out of your comfort zone, that’s when the magic tends to really happen! Find yourself a backdrop that you wouldn’t normally use and see what you can create. Play with open skies, maybe get some coloured powder. The creativity bubble is endless and the power if in your hands when it comes to creating your masterpiece. 5. Working with the light. Work with your light in different ways, try shooting into the sunlight to create a silhouette type shot (my personal favourite) Also, remember that the sun is your natural light source so take advantage of it! The best time to shoot are at sunrise and sunset (golden hour) this way the sun isn’t too harsh on your subjects. If you do find the light to be too harsh, that’s fine, try using a shaded area instead.. Just remember that there is always a way to make it work. Explore your options, always.

Abbi Grief, equine Photography

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